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ENV Release 3.0 Notes
ENV Release 3.0 uses Artificial Intelligence in its HVAC Control System

ENV Release 3.0 is now available with a host of new features that your customers will enjoy. And it will simplify your task installing and commissioning for your Building Management System (BMS) or a HVAC DDC Control System projects,resulting in increased revenue for your company.

ENV is designed to manage the most complex HVAC operation including Radiant Heating, Cooling and Solar as well as any complicated Sequence of Operation, no matter how complicated and without a cadre of logically wired relays.

The new custom Dashboard is chocked full of graphics containing all the information the customer needs to view and manage their home or commercial building. Imagine a real-time display of colorful icons representing every operational element. For example, using a Dashboard designed and created by the User, see how versatile and informative it is.

  1. Use one-click icons representing each Zone, to change the Mode or setpoints for the zone or even a group of zones at one time.
  2. View real time Indoor Air Quality, humidity, and KWH usage.
  3. Execute Macros that can alter the Sequence of Operations and send alerts.
  4. Create and view mechanical drawings with animated objects like pumps, water flow, temperatures, to see an instantaneous representation of the entire HVAC plant.
  5. Link to other Dashboards screens for easy navigation and extensions.

ENV 3.0 uses Artificial Intelligence, historical data, and the NOAA weather forecasts to analyze and make decisions like, sequencing heat pumps based on current loads, controlling VAVs using PID routines, altering Outdoor Reset, and pre-idling Snow Melt Zones.

ENV 3.0 can control and manage the WaterFurnace 7 Series heat pump(s) with hidden wall sensors in stead of expensive thermostats, and stage its air operation with all of the Radiant zones. No other BMS can make this claim.

ENV is the Control System of the future and we're way ahead of the competition. Just ask our customers and Mechanical Contractors. We are interviewing possible Reps, so please call or text me today to schedule a Webinar presentation and an ENV 3.0 demo.